Experience meets advancements

Andrade’s Dental Care represents the perfect amalgamation between Dentist and Technology. In keeping with rapid technological advances being made in dental armamentarium we strive to procure the very latest in an effort to provide treatment not only more efficiently but also with greater accuracy than ever before. Couple this with sound diagnosis and procedural precision gained from years of clinical experience; we have the perfect recipe for the perfect smile.

Who We Are
Dr. Neil David Andrade
Dr. Dinesh John
Senior Consultant
Dr. Pearl Fernandes
3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner

We are proud to introduce Goa to the finest in digital dentistry. 3Shape Trios gives us the perfect opportunity to show our patients their unique dentition and share solution based specific information about the heath of their teeth and gums. Additionally, digital scanner dental impressions are more accurate than conventional impressions.

Invisalign iTero Element
5D Imaging System

We have once again pioneered a major leap in digital dentistry in Goa. With the iTero Element 5D we are able to simulate patient treatments in minutes, giving them a precise prediction of their treatment. Also, with iTero TimeLapse technology, we help our patients visualize their diagnostic, restorative or orthodontic comparisons.

To provide conservative and need based dentistry for each patient’s individual needs, while staying constantly updated not just in clinical knowledge but also dental technology, in an effort to be the preferred dental care provider for patients in need of genuine dental care.
Problems we solve
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How will I Look?

With our core speciality being Orthodontics (straightening of teeth) our primary aim is always to help patients retain their original teeth rather than replacing them with artificial ones. Teeth can be moved with metal or ceramic braces or even with Invisalign (clear braces / transparent braces).


Dental sensitivity is one of the most common problems a patient experiences. It can be limited to one tooth, a few teeth or sometimes even all teeth. While there exist a number of home remedies like anti-sensitivity toothpastes, it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist to confirm what the root cause of the problem really is.

It is advisable to visit your dentist for a complete oral health check-up once every 6 months. Routine dental check-ups are essential in maintaining good long term oral health, rather than waiting for pain or sensitivity to occur, which would invariably need a filling or a root canal.

It is vitally important that you inform your dentist if you have any underlying medical issues as well as all and any medications that you might be taking. Depending on the dental procedure you need to have done, your dentist will then advise you accordingly taking all precautions for the same.

Regular dental cleanings are relatively painless. However, if you have not been regular with your brushing and the overall maintenance of your dental health is compromised, a clean-up might be mildly uncomfortable. Yet, a dental cleaning is still the most important dental procedure.